Kingston United Soccer Club

Number 9 Striker Clinic



Monday 19th – Friday 23rd August:    Number 9 Striker Clinic


A week of goalscoring brought to you by Kingston United Soccer Club. The art of scoring goals has long been identified as the hardest thing to do when playing soccer hence the price tag for a goal scorer in todays transfer market is usually upwards of $100 million dollars for someone to put the ball in the back of the net. Think Ronaldo, Messi, Sinclair, Mbappe & Suarez. They earn so much and cost so much because they do the ultimate thing in a game of soccer, they score goals. The Number 9 Striker Clinic will run through the variety of techniques when under zero pressure, when under a relative amount of pressure and when the going gets tough and you are under copious amounts of pressure and still have to find the ability and quality to find the back of the net. Practice, repetition and plenty of fun and enjoyment whilst doing so, this clinic is designed to improve players who have the willingness and desire to improve their overall finishing.


Who is this clinic for? Any player from the ages of 8 – 15 who has a burning desire to improve their finishing ability. Do you have to be a striker/number 9? No, this is open to anybody that likes attacking and wants to score goals. Remember, you may end up playing in a variety of positions as you grow older, who’s to say you won’t be wearing the number 9 jersey for Canada at the 2026 World Cup?


Price: $250

Venue: John Machin Soccer Park

Time: 9am – 2pm


NOTE: THIS IS A REGISTRATION FORM ONLY. Payment will be accepted by cash, cheque or e-transfer.  Once payment is received your registration is complete. 


Please direct questions to:

Or contact the office at 613-507-9760